2018-08-24 13:22 PM
Pay-to-use instruments for distinctive label merchants will be presented by WhatsApp

WhatsApp is going to present a new service for pay-to-use advertising that will help merchants to attract the clients via their small smart devices. 

2017 has become a year when subscription charges were eliminated. That provided WhatsApp with a good chance to increase its revenues greatly as well as let companies spread information, i.e that on delivery or tickets, as well as provide users with the updates of the service. 

In accordance with BBC news, confirmed delivery will become the basement for the fee. Being guided by it and depending on the client's place of residence, advertisers will pay from 0.5 to 9 cents, or from 0.3 to 7 pence. It means that the service could, in fact, be more costly than usual SMS messages.  

The main thing about the updating is promoting communication between the merchant and the client; it is important that reply to the client's query will not cost any money if sent within the period of 24 hours. If it fails to do so, the advertiser will have to pay. 

According to the representatives of the WhatsApp Team, users of the WhatsApp Business App speaks of it as of a more efficient means to communicate with a business. 

WhatsApp Team understands that companies need stronger instruments to communicate with their clients and target audience, that is why the Platform is eager to develop this direction.

Such an approach may seem to be a bit intrusive, but the WhatsApp Team members say it is going to be an option. If one needs a boarding pass, for example, he or she may give his or her phone number on the site of the airline or in any other way so that it would be possible to get the necessary information via WhatsApp.

At the same time, advertisers may provide their sites with a button that will let start chatting; that will allow clients to communicate with the businesses rapidly.

Uber, e-commerce site Wish and have already started using the service, hundreds of more businesses are likely to follow their path. 

WhatsApp assured the clients that all the messages are well protected and there is an easy way to block a company if there is a need.


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