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2018-11-10 07:35 AM
What may the Blockchain Technology award the Digital Marketing with?

Nowadays a number of industries start enjoying the advantages of blockchain technology. Blockchain presents some kind of a bank for digital information. An unprecedented level of immutability is its distinguishing feature. The information once included in the blockchain cannot be deleted or amended. We all remember the history of the blockchain technology. From the very beginning, it has been fundamental for Bitcoin. But experts and ordinary users soon realized there is something much bigger behind a new technology. Those from the marketing sphere were among the first ones. We have always been grateful to the blockchain technology for what if has given to the digital marketing. Today we would like to tell you a bit more about how exactly the blockchain technology may and actually influences digital marketing.

Probably the most important point here is the changing of the way the data is being collected.

We suppose we are now addressing those people that in this or that degree are part of the Internet community. We doubt all the scandals caused by modest means used to protect online privacy have been walked from you. It is important to understand that the problem is more urgent. Ordinary users usually think it relates only to the social media, but online privacy protection issue goes far beyond. The blockchain is the lifeboat for the users that are extremely concerned about their privacy and we should admit they have their right to be. Decentralizing feature of the technology awards the users with the right to decide what to share and what not.

The new landmark for digital advertising development

No matter how annoying the pop-ups may be, let’s faces it, Internet and advertising cannot live without each other. Advertisements are the very thing digital and other marketers cannot live without. Marketers and software experts work day and night on expensing the influence of the advertisements. They have made much headway but exactly the blockchain technology has become that new landmark that opened the doors for avalanching advertising innovations. The technology has changed the way users, advertisers and publishers communicate. The main effect comes from the fact that now users, i.e. consumers, may decide what they want to see as advertisements. It actually resolved one of the most urgent issues – a great volume of irrelevant ads.

The market of digital music has changed as well

Let us a bit look at some figures. Did you know that stress provokes 60% of all illnesses? Did you know that listening to music can decrease the level of stress hormone in your body? Now you know it really can. But musicians have to try really hard to be able to help people get healthier. Of course, one may say that if it is such a good thing why they don’t give it to us for free. But let us be honest with each other, any of you would like his or her job would be appreciated as it really should be. Thus, thanks to intense competition the music market has become extremely harsh. Let us don’t forget about piracy. It seems with introducing music-sharing applications the problem has been partially solved but nothing can fully turn off people from their adoration for a freebie. Again the blockchain technology can come to rescue to musicians. With the blockchain, there is no need for applications acting as a third party between listeners and artists. Cryptocurrency may become their new language, that will let them exchange values directly.

Accountability: the new frontier

The accountability issue in frames of the marketing companies has been quite urgent. Fraudsters have invaded the market having felt an easy prey. The most common thing among fraudsters was using online bots to automatically charge the views. The situation has changed with the arrival of the blockchain technology. With the highest level of transparency being provided by the blockchain features, advertisers now can see where their ads are going and who sees them at the final stage. Advertisers can not only sleep a peaceful sleep but to better analyze the users’ behavior and thus realign their priorities.

Nowadays, Blockchain Marketing demonstrates a great potential. Its greatest advantage is decentralization that for users means absolute transparency. We are really happy to realize that companies and people are now striving to transparent business relations.


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