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2019-02-08 06:41 AM
Smart Performance-Based Marketing

No business is possible without advertising. If you just produce goods and services it does not mean somebody wants to buy them no matter how good they are. The only thing that will make people want to use your brand is advertising. That would not be overhastily to say that it is advertising that makes money. Nobody wants to pay for nothing. That is what performance marketing is all about. From the first sight, it may seem like a perfect mechanism to promote goods and services but nothing can be perfect. Thus, performance-based marketing has to overcome its own challenges and problems. Disagreements between advertisers and partners stand at the top of them. First of all, disputes may arise because of the overly complex operation mode. Endless regulations impoverish, the uncertain time needed for payments to be complete fatigues. Affiliates become suspicious about the efficiency of the model itself. Clients hide behind the adblockers. Only in 2017 use of adblockers rise by 30%. In spite of the fact the statistics say it is only 11% of people using adblockers one cannot but notice that dynamics is threatening.

Do not be discouraged so soon. There is a thing that is always ready to come to the rescue to people – technologies. Every day people invent something new to make their life easier and better. These days are not an exception. The Internet marketing industry is to be rescued by blockchain. The rescuers are POMZ “smart contracts”. As one may guess these two innovations are intrinsically linked. Information has always been something that connects people. The blockchain is a digital chain of data bricks. Here associates may enjoy a sufficient level of anonymity. POMZ Smart Contracts are to change the usual way performance-based marketing works. They will let associates forget about miscommunication and what is more considerable for business about the unnecessary expenses.

POMZ tokens make the stem of smart contracts. With the help of them, all the relevant information is stored. Once there is an impression, a click, an engagement, a lead or a sale, PostBack transmits all the details to the Smart Contract. Thereon the commission goes to the affiliate. The information within the contract is visible to all the participants what excludes any kind of discord.

POMZ is to become a place where the interested parties will be able to build a more effective network and at the same time, they will not need any agent between them. It is time for advertisers to save as much money as they can and POMZ may help them with this. The brand new smart contracts are to shake the affiliate marketing with good news. Forget about paying for every motion. Enjoy 5% of the commission with POMZ.


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