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2018-09-12 15:28 PM
How to Start Doing Affiliate Marketing: Traps and Pitfalls

Would you like making thousands of dollars every month? We guess, yes. Then you chose the right way. Affiliate marketing is the thing that is able to help you to make truckload of money. The only thing you have to do is to advertise goods and services.

Despite the fact that in terms of time and efforts made affiliate marketing is widely thought to be one of the best way to make a fortune online, there are some things about it to put notice on. Those who have just come to the industry may enjoy their accidental success, but veterans of the marketing sphere understand perfectly well that as for affiliate marketing there are no readymade practices and tactics that will always provide good profit. If you want your affiliate strategies work it will need you to be persistent, responsible, motivated and committed. If you are going just to make random steps till it works it is never going to happen.

On the other side it is encouraging to note that there is a great number of various affiliate strategies and systems. Still you should remember that the fact that there is a great number of them does not mean all of them are advisable to use. If you want to make maximum of affiliate marketing you should chose the software carefully and having analyzed all the pros and cons.

Unfortunately, the new comers encounter various obstacles and do not even understand that. We are glad to welcome new participants, that is why we prepared a list of Top 5 Traps and Pitfalls so that the new comers could avoid the most common challenges. First, think, if you really want to succeed in the affiliate marketing and if you are ready to spend much time and efforts for that. If yes, get ready to absorb a lot of useful information we prepared for you.

So, what can prevent you from success when it comes to affiliate marketing?

1. Inappropriate affiliate network choice

Nobody would like his or her advertising strategies to fail. It should be clear that the choice of the way you are going to promote goods and services is of the highest importance. It is almost the same as to choose profession that will bring you income and satisfaction the rest of your life. We say almost as we understand that the most attractive thing about affiliate marketing is that it is likely to become your secondary occupation and what is more attractive your passive income.

Analysis is a crucial thing when it comes to decision making. It is a law of life: your choice is only right when you know all those things that are in your disposal. Never hurts to make full-scale evaluation. Pay special attention to those networks that seem attractive to you. It is easy to tie a ribbon around whatever people want, but your job is to dig deep. If you find something that seems suspicious to you remain steadfast and better renounce the use of such a network.

2. Ill-fitted sources of traffic

The global Internet universe has constantly been expanding and it is not surprising that different traffic sources become more or less efficient. There are a lot of different statistics portals for market data but we trust Statista that stated that about 70% of affiliate marketers all over the world chose SEO traffic instead of such types of marketing as email, blogging or social one.

For the moment, the social media traffic has been pushed out by email marketing. The reason is that about 90% users all over the world monitor their email boxes every day as it is announced by OptinMonster. What is more important, as we speak about online marketing, there is enormous increase of total number of people purchasing goods and service by means of e-commerce. According to Hootsuite up to January 2018 there were 1.77 billion of people.

But let us return to traffic sources. As for 2018, there are the following most popular of them:

  • Adult Traffic
  • Mobile Traffic
  • Social Traffic
  • Search Traffic
  • Native Ads
  • Mainstream Traffic
  • PPV Traffic
  • Pop Traffic

To ensure that the traffic you are going to attract would be interested in what you promote is the key to success. Lack of experience and analysis that brings us back to the Point 1 result in inappropriate choice of traffic source. What can help you here is the benefit of the affiliate software. It will assist you in concentrating on one traffic source. In such a way you will be rescued from the bungling strategy with the aim to become an absolutely universal seller.

3. Lack of Expertise in Digital Marketing

Persistence, self-confidence and motivation of course are those things that will help you to succeed in your endeavors, but one will not get anywhere without significant knowledge. Any theory has its fundamental concepts. We suggest you to start with them. Fortunately, you can find everything you need on the Internet. It is not a shame to start with some literature for dummies, then move to the learning of terms, that will help you understand how the industry works. Finally, listening to the webinars and reading professional literature, you will understand what all those affiliate marketing sharks are talking about. As the industry is one of the most fast-growing to be plugged in really matters.

Digital marketing is the sphere that evolves continuously; affiliate networks in frames of the whole market do the same. As a separate type of promoting it has its own requirements to be met. Affiliate marketing in its turn may be done in different forms and each of them has its own features. Promoting with the help of social media and banner ads is not the same thing. Put on notice for example that banner ads are not as popular as they used to be. The statistics says banners CTR takes 0.06%. Do not forget that 60% of clicks are made accidentally.

If you feel that you are not able to master yourself in affiliate marketing do not be ashamed to seek the assistance of a person who is well-versed in the industry and who is ready to help; at the same time if you aware of basics that would be enough to use good affiliate software program. Both ways will help you understand what people would like to buy, what things they are currently most interested in. Finally, you will be able to make their and yours dreams come true: consumers will get what they want and you will get your profit for that.

4. Inaccurate targeting

As we have already stated it is not efficient to focus on an extremely wide target audience. In such an attempted pursuit you will do nothing but lose your time, efforts and money. Of course, you ask yourself a question what characteristics your potential target audience obtain. To understand that we propose you first analyze geographical and demographical data. Remember that your main aim to get as much information about your audience as possible. Do not be superficial, as we said from the very beginning, dig far down.

The following tips will help as well:

  • make a list of topic and content words that will obtain great targeting ability
  • find out who are the main influencers in the niche
  • raise the exchange rates
  • deliver your message in a clearer form 

5. Lack of instruments that aimed at performance tracking

The last but not least trap on your way within the boundlessness of the Digital Marketing is lack of the performance monitoring tools. Why does the successful marketer need them? The most important thing is that the appropriate affiliate software is able to compensate business and strategic hunter mindset. For example, SaaS has its own traffic distribution system AdsBridge. It is nothing but a separate tracking tool that provides monitoring the operation of the affiliates in a real-time environment. Be careful with underestimating the affiliate software. Monitoring consumers' mood is a key to understanding what they are really interested in. 

Coming to the conclusion we would like to say that affiliate marketing is a serious business with its own advantages and disadvantages. But remember, that long way to Fuji starts with the first step. Then keep putting one foot in front of the other. Be persistent, motivated, confident and ready to wait for your success. Do not be static. Move as fast as the digital market does. The high profile affiliate networks like POMZ are aimed to help you in your challenging endeavors.


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