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2018-07-17 05:44 AM
CPA Marketing: CPA Terms and Primary Concepts

CPA (Cost Per Action): payment for an action, usually the name of the sector as a whole. CPA often includes CPS and CPS, although all of these terms are different in a narrow sense. However, the term CPA is primarily used both for CPS and CPL. Things that can be considered an action include registration, entering telephone numbers, or e-mail addresses, filling out forms (although forms happen to be CPL in its pure form), placing an order, and payment of an order. In a narrow sense, the main difference between CPA and CPL is that the result of CPL is an interested customer. To be more precise, this is indicated by his or her entering his or her contact data. Meanwhile, CPA subscribing is CPA. An application for credit, on the other hand, is CPL.

CTR (Click-through rate): is the ration of clicks to impressions. The more clicks there are, the better the CTR (creative input).

Incentive traffic (or simply incentive): motivated traffic – traffic flow in the form of interested visitors promised a certain bonus (reward) for taking certain actions on the site in an ad offer. This type of traffic is not considered especially targeted, since, of course, the visitors’ goal is to receive the bonus (reward) they were promised.

ROI (return on investment): profit. In other words, this is a financial index that shows your income level or the losses your business is experiencing. Often times, ROI is usually expressed in percentages, less commonly in the form of fractions.

SubID (subaccount): the opportunity to add extra symbols to an ad link that a webmaster can use to create several different ad links whose visitors will be included in the same offer. This is a convenient method for analyzing the efficiency of an ad published on various websites of a webmaster. It can be used for links placed on different pages of a website, etc.

Arbitration: act of purchasing traffic in one location and selling it at a higher cost in another.
Traffic: the flow of visitors to a website (the amount of this known as the “target audience”) over a specific time period. CPA Partners: aggregator programs (websites) that connect partners to each other.

Hold: a certain amount of time during which the advertiser withholds payment to its partner (to verify your traffic, the honest of the performed action, and the lack of malicious activity). Hold time: up to 7 days, but it may continue to as much as 45 days (depending on the offer from the advertiser).

Context advertising: the publishing of an Internet ad based on the advertising material content’s correspondence to the context (content) of the Internet page that the advertising block is published on. Meanwhile, the advertising medium may be a text ad or an ad banner. This is one of the best revenue generation methods for partners.

Branded context advertising: a mention of a company name (brand) or website within an add or its keywords.

Offer: an advertising company that also works with both you (i.e. your partner) and CPA partners (networks) For additional specification, these are e-shops, banks, online games, tourism and travel agencies, etc. It can also be a landing page where the customer ends up landing.

Lead: a previously agreed upon desired action that benefits you (registration, product purchase, credit issue, etc.) that your customer takes and that you're willing to pay for.

Cost per lead: how much you're willing to pay for each lead if it successfully materializes.

Landing page: a page or site where your traffic is directed (where the user lands after clicking on your ad). The landing page may be created by you or an advertiser (offer) Usually, it means your landing page, not the offer’s.

Cashback or Incentivized (cashback): a term that is used in the spheres of e-commerce, banking, or gambling business to denote a variety of a bonus program for attracting customers and boosting customer loyalty.


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